“Who are you?”

My name is Joe Bentley and I am a twenty year old writer hailing from Hull in Yorkshire, England.

“What is Dissenters’ Digest?”

It is, or at least it aspires to be, what our mainstream media has consistently fallen short of; an outlet for free and critical thought, discussion, and exploration of ideas. The Digest has a focus on current affairs but will often extend its tendrils into philosophy, history, literature, or whatever else is of current interest to me, and potential interest to you.

“Why did you start Dissenters’ Digest?”

I have always loved discovering and debating ideas, and have a passionate interest in the unfolding of events on the world stage: so fun was certainly a factor. The other major reason was how often I saw many dissenting views go totally ignored, by a media establishment with its own Gated Institutional Narrative that paints many issues as closed that are in fact wide open and hotly contested. This G.I.N needs to be challenged now.

“Who is Dissenters’ Digest for?”

If you like what you’ve heard so far, hopefully it’s for you! Anyone who likes to start from first principles, who love of ideas precedes that of politics, who are interested in reading about topics left uncovered by big label outlets, and who want to play a part in ushering in a new media and welcoming dissent back into the mainstream where it belongs. 

“How often do you post?”

I try to put out around five articles a week depending on their length, breadth and depth. Some blogs take less time and research than larger journalistic pieces, so I try to maintain a workable balance. I am often around in the comments section too, so please reach out and expect a reply.

“Is this your job or your hobby?”

Currently Dissenters’ Digest is something I run in my free time outside of the day job. However, I would love for writing to become full time if it can generate that level of income, so please help out however you can; through my support me page or by sharing articles with friends or on social media.

“Can I pay you to write for me.”

I am always looking for opportunities to reach new audiences and collaborate with new people, so if you happen to be interested in working together please send any relevant inquiries to dissentersdigest@gmail.com